Caramel Colored Fox

Hey sugarplum, you smell nice!
I'm Tani and this blog is the only thing in my life that is organized. I love hugs. So hug me if you can. This blog is mostly things that make me laugh or make me want to better myself as a person and, of course, personal things. I appreciate good grammar and wit. I also have a serious love of fashion, beauty, and all things "girly". I like to try new things and discover things that blow my mind. When I love something, I love it completely or not at all. My favorite color is dark purple, my favorite flowers are sunflowers and my favorite number is 6. Those are the only favorite anything I have. I also have a serious addiction to Bollywood music that I couldn't begin to explain. Probably because I love dancing and yoga and anything that makes me feel content with myself. I'm pretty sensitive but you would never know. About 75% of my day is spent worrying about this, that, and the other.. and I often get fixated on thoughts or things. I am a fantastic friend to the people I care about but it takes me 3-7 business days to respond at times because I am forgetful and lazy. If you make my day, you will stay on my mind for the rest of it. I just want everyone to be happy all the time. My ask is always open for anything and if you feel like you don't have any friends, introduce yourself to me, sweet thing.(my lame attempt to attract you, just go with it)
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Caramel Colored Fox